Existing Grants and Scolarships

Below is a list of our grants and scholarships. You can expand or collapse the list of grants or scholarships, depending on what you are interested in.

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Interested in creating a fund?

Types of Funds
- Unrestricted - Allows the foundation flexibility. Donors do not restrict how their donations are used, leaving the decision to the board of trustees.
- Field of Interest - Supports areas such as the arts, education or any other particular interest specified by the donor.
- Donor Advised - Enables donors to be active participants in the giving process.
- Designated - Benefits a named organization and ensures that these gifts continue to support the organization as long as the organization exists.
- Scholarship - Allows the foundation to receive donations from which the income is used for scholarships to students throughout the geographic area of the Milan Area School District.
- Memorial of Tribute - Enables a donor to create a fund in the name of an individual. Family and friends may contribute to the fund, which serves as a living testimonial to the individual.

It is not necessary to establish a named fund to participate in the work of the Greater Milan Area Community Foundation. Contributions of any size are welcome and encouraged.

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