Board Members

Leading in community affairs, the foundation is in a position to understand the needs of the community, investigate the credentials of grant applicants and determine the viability and impact of proposed projects. Annual distributions occur annually and are overseen by Grant committee of the board of directors. Information on grant guidelines and application forms are available

  • Michael Armitage

    Michael Armitage serves as Mayor of Milan and is a lifelong resident. He views serving on the GMACF board as a way of helping in Milan's future sustainability.

  • Sally Clark

    Sally Clark is a lifelong resident of Milan. She is third generation management of family owned Clark Perforating Co., Inc. and a past president of Milan Area Historical Society.

  • Janet McGovern

    Janet McGovern feels serving as a GMACF trustee she can support the community in which she and her husband raised their three sons.

  • Newt Squires

    My wife Linda and I are multi-generational Milanites, with a deep affection for our community. We lived, worked and raised our family within the Greater Milan Area.

  • Connie Harrison

    As a GMACF board member, Connie supports the philanthropic community projects and memorial causes that are integral resources to the people around her.

  • Bryan Gibach

    Bryan Girbach likes the fact that serving on the GMACF Board allows him to give back to a community that has provided his family with so many benefits.

  • Edward Wollmann

    Edward is delighted to be able to serve the greater Milan community at a time when our community is entering such an exciting new era.

  • Barbara Gardinier

    As a board member, she supports the enhancement of local non-profit organizations and scholarship opportunities that make up an integral part of this generous and growing community of Milan.

  • Sharon Thatcher

    I feel compelled to help others in the community. Serving in the GMACF is inspirational as the Foundation seeks to combine enhancing the current work of non-profits, and provides a charitable endowment.

  • Chris Wetzler

    Chris Wetzler is the President of the GMACF. Serving on The Greater Milan Area Community Foundation has provided him a way to help reinvest in his community in a meaningful way.

  • Sid Hodges

    My wife Gwen and I own or have owned a business in Milan, and we are proud to call Milan our home. We both enjoy working with others to make Milan an even better community.

  • Carolyn Burlingame

    In 2005 Carolyn joined the Board of Trustees as both a trustee and the assistant secretary. Since early 2008 she has served at the Board’s secretary.

  • Rachel (Butts) Royal

    Rachel’s involvement with GMACF began in 2010 in response to a need to incorporate research and analytics into the organization, and she has served as Treasurer of the Board since 2013.

  • Sue Kesterson

    Sue and her husband (Neal) were part of the initial group that started Your Spot. She is honored to be working alongside people who have a passion for community and a vision for tomorrow.

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